Our sleek and modernized photo booth, combines the latest technology, software, cameras, and lighting to snap the sharpest photos. Our specialties range from our Glamour booth, GIFS, Boomerang GIFS, instant sharing to a live slideshow. From the time your guests steps into the photo booth, your guest will be able to share their image and have a physical print in their hand within a minute.


Celebrity inspired "Kardashian Photo booth", our Glamour booth applies our beauty filter, smoothening everybody's complexion, giving a near flawless appearance.

GIF Booth

Our GIF booth utilizes our technology and software, looping multiple photos into a single GIF file for a social media friendly format for your guests to share.

Boomerang Booth

Our Boomerang Booth, is very similar to Instagram's Boomerang App, captures a short video and loops it forward & backwards for a ping-pong effect, and converting it into a social media friendly format for instant sharing.

Social Sharing

Sharing instantly allows all guests who steps through the photo booth to send their images to their emails, phones via text, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media platforms.


Personalize your Photo booth (Right) and Social Sharing Stations (Left) to match your design and prints.

Live Slideshow

Display all of your amazing photos live during the event with our Slideshow option