2016 PhilaU Holiday Party

Jingle Ball 2016 by Bernie Robbins
December 7, 2016
12-16 Parx Casino 10th Anniversary
December 17, 2016

2016 PhilaU Holiday Party

Center City Photo got all of the festivities of the holiday season going with the boomerang booth, along with confetti at Philadelphia University, in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Photo booth services were also provided for the holiday party. You would be surprised how much of a mess 1 pound of confetti can look like.

The Philadelphia University staffed loved the photo booth, especially the boomerang GIFS as they have never seen such an interactive experience with a photo booth before. Boomerang always gets the greatest reactions and the biggest laughters out of every group. Center City Photo provided 2 pounds of confetti for the pure joy for a very interactive photo booth experience. Also provided was the photo booth, photo booth prints, and a few holiday themed props.

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